Culinology® Workshop: Basics of Food Processing and Food Systems (Guelph, ON)


$1,136 Early Bird/RCA members - Note: at checkout, create a login/password, and use GFTC member number MEM999R for the discounted rate.

Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC)


88 McGilvray Street
Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1, Canada

Create chef quality foods that meet the culinary gold standard in large- scale manufacturing and production environments! In a high-volume manufacturing process, the processing methods, conditions and equipment influence the attributes of the finished product. Understanding the fundamentals of food processing, combined with a culinary approach to product development, will ensure the successful development of a gold standard product.

You will cover:

  • The fundamentals of food science behind culinary techniques including: freezing, frying, dehydration, cook chill/sous vide, roasting/baking (dry heat) and microwave cooking (moist heat)
  • Maximizing quality and shelf life through retort operation, aseptic processing and modified atmosphere and controlled atmosphere packaging
  • Properties of various food systems (i.e. low fat, low sugar, high fat) and implications for practical application, processing, transportation and storage conditions
  • New food processing methods including irradiation, high pressure, ohmic and hot water submersion tunnels

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