UNL Culinology® Club Offers Introductory Cooking Courses to Students

October 5, 2010


Both avoiding and succumbing to the classic college weight gain is a matter of habit.

An afternoon jog will help stave off the pounds.

An afternoon dish of ice cream likely will not.

With a three-part informative and hands-on workshop called Cooking 101, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Culinology club and Office of Student Involvement are aiming to instill students with the basic cooking knowledge they need to form their own healthy and economical habits.

"Students come to campus and are lacking basic cooking sills," said Reshell Ray, the associate director of Student Involvement.

"Many students are changing housing from residence halls to apartments for the first time. They can gain some basic skills to apply for life."

The series began last spring semester as a pilot workshop in conjunction with Lincoln chef and radio personality Judy a la Carte and was highly successful.

"The evaluations were outstanding," Ray said.

"People loved the learning that they can apply in their own kitchen and the sampling and tasting of the items prepared."

This semester, the group of students that took part in last week's session or will attend either of the upcoming two, will be instructed by members of the UNL Culinology and Hospitality Club, whose goal it is to prepare their members for a future in the culinary disciplines.

"Most of us come in with a very good background in the culinary arts," said Shane Zimmerman, a senior culinary arts major and president of the Culinology Club.


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