Culinology® Workshop: Basics of Food Processing and Food Systems (Distance Learning)


Distance learning with live meeting at 6:00 p.m. (EST)/3:00 p.m. (PST) on each of 6 Tuesdays beginning 1/22/13 - 2/26/13 (Note: please confirm time with instructor.)

$725 (RCA Members: use discount code "RCA" to receive member rate); $850 (RCA Non-member)

Distance Learning


Provided through Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA.

Culinology® Workshop: Basics of Food Processing and Food Systems is a 24 contact-hour online workshop offered in six learning modules that reference the following topics:

  • The fundamentals of food science behind culinary techniques including: freezing, frying, dehydration, cook chill, Sous-vide, roasting/baking (dry heat) and microwave cooking (moist heat)
  • How to maximize quality and shelf life through retort operation, aseptic processing and modified atmosphere and controlled atmosphere packaging
  • Properties of various food systems (e.g. low fat, low sugar, high fat) and implications for practical application, processing, transportation and storage conditions
  • New food processing methods including irradiation, high pressure, ohmic and hot water submersion tunnels

This distance learning workshop will require students to study 2 to 3 hours per week using online materials, take a weekly quiz, complete simple experiments and participate in weekly online discussions.  Discussions will be held on Tuesday evenings, 6 PM Eastern Time/3 PM Pacific Time.  Materials for experiments will be shipped to students.

This workshop as well features guest lectures by industry experts, group discussions and outside readings.

Instructor: Jill Golden, MS, RD currently teaches food science and nutrition and coordinates the Culinology Program at Orange Coast College. She has a master’s in food science and is a registered dietitian. She is a member of the Research Chefs Association, Institute of Food Technology and the American Dietetic Association. She has taught at OCC for 30 years, is the faculty online coordinator and has taught online for 6 years.

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